Sunday, June 26, 2016

An example of structural violence: slum demolition and then vengeful pursuit by govt in Dharamshala

Forwarding an email from a friend regarding demolition of slums in Dharamshala. Pay special attention to points 4 and 5. 

It would be far more honest if the government simply lined up all the 1500 people (esp the aged, disabled, women and children) and summarily executed them. But they have outsourced that job to brutal circumstances (which will obviously claim the aged, disabled, women and children first). This is Structural violence 101 : the end result is the same but the people causing the carnage get to conveniently avoid any accountability.

I'm sure most well-educated middle class people around us will keep supporting these things till the day comes when someone they love has to suffer the same. Or perhaps even then they'll say it's their only fault for being lazy and not productive or enterprising enough to get rich and earn the protection of the state (which as per Constitution and UN Charter was supposed be an inalienable right, but hey who cares about that?). Though how one can expect a person to be productive in economy when one's home might get razed at any moment, remains an inconvenient mystery. It's also funny how we keep telling people "don't carry the baggage of the past", but for the children of slum dwellers we keep judging what they deserve on the basis of the presumed laziness or crimes of their parents. Perhaps there's some pain here to be opened up and addressed that might help resolve things, perhaps some nonviolent communication exercises could help. And if you're looking for different ways of doing things, I suggest reading this.

-- Forwarded message ---

Dear Friends,

Please see below, we need you support to phone, SMS the authorities regarding the illegal demolition of Slums in Dharamshala

We need to get the DC, JC and SP to get phone calls and SMS from outside asking why the illegal eviction took place and asking the administration to take responsibility and respond to the demand for rehabilitation immediately.
Numbers of the DC (Ritesh Chauhan) 01892-222103(O),  JC (S.K Chaudhari (9418456640) also send SMS

  • Some points that can be mentioned
  • Please mention that the Demolition is Unconstitutional and illegal.
  • That the residents of the slum are on the road and at the mercy of weather
  • That they need to rehabilitate and give some relief to the residents.
  • That this is violation of right to shelter under the constitution

Slum Demolition at Charan Khad

  1. The MCD (Municipal Corporation Dharamsala) forcefully evicted the 35 year old Charan Khad Slum with 1500 people (more than 300 families) from Dharamsala (see copies of both eviction orders attached) on 16 and 17th June '16)
  2. That the MCD provided no rehabilitation and just dumped the occupants across villages, forests and roadsides around Dharamsala. That some people sat on common lands, some on lands rented by locals and others rented out rooms while many were roaming the streets - children, women, old, disabled spending nights hungry in the rain.
  3. In many places locals shunted out the occupants and threatened to burn their belongings
  4. That the MCD issued a press note on 21st June stating that any one who provided accommodation would be liable for action by the MCD and that they would evict the occupants under section 278 of the HP Municipal Act
  5. Following this people were thrown out of rented accommodations
  6. They now have nowhere to go - most of the people's children are studying in government schools in Dharamsala
  7. We met the Joint Commissioner (S.K Chaudhari) MCD yesterday who has issued the eviction orders and he refused to take any responsibility for his actions or respond to the demand for rehabilitation
  8. Based on the above circumstances the settlers have no choice but to struggle for their right to housing/shelter.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On handling paramparaa / traditions

Imagine you get a big, old box/chest that was used by your
predecessors and now it's in your possession.

You open the box.

Inside the box there are several kinds of things. You enjoy your time
sifting through them, checking them out. Many interesting things. Many
of the things seem to also have a higher purpose of reminding about
what is important in life, what should be kept in mind, etc. There are
also some papers, letters in the box, written by the previous handlers
of the box, with some having explanations about some of the
constituents of the box.

Amongst them are also some broken things, some things that were useful
in earlier times but no longer useful. Some of these hold great
nostalgic or emotional value, but some others don't.

There's also a few things that have gone stale or are rotting and
might be giving the box a stench. Some item somewhere might also be
doing something, like emitting fluid, that might harm / damage /
deface some of the other wonderful things that are there in that box.

As a responsible successor of your predecessors, the maintenance and
upkeep of this box is your solemn duty.
And that responsibility includes the task of taking out the stuff
that's redundant or rotting or is now a threat to the other
constituents of that box.

At the same time, the wonderful content and variety of the box has
come about not because of one single originator long back filling it
up at a go, but because everone before you whose hands it passed
through had put in something nice that they felt would make a great
addition to the box. So you can do the same.. after taking out the
stuff that needs to be taken out, look around for things in your life
right now that you think would make great additions to the box too,
and put those in. Be creative!

In the life cycle of this box, there have been 'cleaning out' times
when a large number of the constituents had to be removed for some or
the other circumstances, but the purge was always followed by many new
additions too. The things that went out created space where wonderful
new things could come in. It might just happen that such a time has
come now also when the box is in your possession. If so, don't be too
afraid or sad about taking out the old.. they will make space for even
more wonderful things to come which the next person you pass the box
to, will get to enjoy.

Write down and leave a few messages also in the box if you feel called
for it, to explaining why you put in so and so item, what it's good
for, and when it would be a good time to take it out. Maybe you could
also explain why you took something out and if the next person has to
resume or finish the job.

So engage and enjoy with this box. While you don't need to keep it
exactly as-is, you also don't need to shut it or throw it out
completely. Ignore both those extreme instructions if you got them
from anywhere. Take your time and explore all the constituents of this
box with a spirit of discovery and adventure, take out what should no
longer be there, put in new things, leave a few messages, give it your
love and your personal touch. And when the time comes, let it go so it
can be passed on and explored by the ones after you.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Boiling down to the details

When discussing contentious topics, I've found that the best way to avoid going wrong is by avoiding taking any of the extreme positions, and boiling down to the exact components to check one by one for any real disagreement.
Example about boiling down to the details:

A: I don't like Gandhi, I disagree with Gandhi, etc.
B: Sure, no probs. But can we put Gandhi back in the grave and instead boil down to some details that are more relevant to our lives?
A: Ok..
B: Do you think violence is the best way to resolve disagreements?
A: No.
B: Ok then, not violence, but would breaking off all communication between the sides help to solve a disagreement?
A: No.
B: Do you think keeping things clean and hygenic is a bad thing or that those who do the cleaning should be looked upon as filthy?
A: No of course not!
B: If a law, an authority is telling you to do something that you can clearly see is just wrong, would you still think that law or authority should be adhered to?
A: Ultimately, no. But there should be honest attempts to communicate and negotiate with the authorities and get things changed. Failing which we would have to stand against it.
B: Nice.. do you think practising discrimination against anyone just because of which home they were born into, is right?
A: No.
B: Shucks man, you have a lot in common with Gandhi !
A: Haan kya? But I'm still against Gandhi.
B: No probs, be as you want, but thanks for clarifying on the stuff that actually matters.

Now consider what would have happened if B had countered by just saying "oh but I think Gandhi was good and right and you shouldn't be against him.."

Friday, June 17, 2016

Call for Facilitators @DLRC - Urban Farming, English & few more

From Ajay Dalmia
Subject: Call for Facilitators @DLRC - Urban Farming, English & few more

Thanks to the Community for responding to our last call for facilitators. We have been been able to fill many positions. Following are a few that we are still actively seeking the right resource. Please respond or forward to individuals interested in the DLRC model of learning and facilitating:

High School
  1. Urban Farming
  2. English - Language & Literature
  3. Business Studies
  4. Maths
  5. World History
  6. Thinking Skills
  7. Information Technology
Expectations of a facilitator (other than subject matter knowledge)
  1. Facilitate more than one subject.
  2. Be willing to learn and do continuous content research towards preparation for lessons and assessments.
  3. Use strategies to stimulate reasoning and problem solving.
  4. Open to taking feedback from students and fellow facilitators to improve lesson planning and delivery.
  5. Design group projects to foster learning and interaction within the group.
About DLRC (DriveChange Learning & Resource Centre)

DLRC ( is a Learning Centre (Std. I to Std. XII) educating students to avail Std. X and Std. XII Certification through Cambridge or NIOS Boards. We will be opening the 2016 academic year with a healthy mix of 36 students spread evenly across Primary, Middle and High School. Key features of our program are:
  1. Low student facilitator ratio (around 12:1)
  2. Individual Learning Program catering to the student's need
  3. Project Based Learning that promotes conceptual understanding and fosters Life Skills (Self-study, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking)
Interested in being part of the Change; e-mail your CV to dlrc.baner [at] or call either Mona (+91-8390889048), Pavan (+91-2025529966) or Ajay (+91-9545188713).

For more on what we have been doing @DLRC please see our links below.

Ajay Dalmia
DLRC (NIOS,Cambridge) | website  | Facebook  | Youtube Twitter

Pune: Bootcamp 25-26 june, Hackathon 8-10 july on public transit and water supply

Smart City Maker's Fest 2016, Pune

Statement by Parliament of World's Religions on Orlando Massacre

Forwarded below. In case you can't see it in this email, please see it here:

My take:
What I love about this Statement is that it exposes the old tactic of responding to one form of hatred with another, while at the same time not falling for the opposite trap of appeasing or over-protecting any side. It calls for some serious accountability, self-examination and reform among the sides in whose name atrocities are being committed or perceived to be so : Something I've seen irresponsibly lacking in most secular bastions till now especially in India.

Who knows? If we didn't have so much appeasement and hypocriisy on one side then maybe it wouldn't have triggered the blanket hatred that has emerged in reaction to it on the other (keywords: "sickular" "pseudo secular" etc). Now please don't take off on a tangent; scroll down and read the mailer that I have forwarded to you also; those words are much better expressing what my own stand is while what I write is usually too open to misinterpretation by peers. <3

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Parliament of Religions
Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 2:14 AM
Subject: Homophobia, Love, and Interfaith After Orlando

Parliament Responds to the Homophobic Massacre of LGBTQI Community Members and Allies in Orlando
View this email in your browser

Parliament of the World's Religions

Statement on the Homophobic Massacre of LGBTQI Community Members and Allies in Orlando

To the friends, families, and neighbors of the victims in Orlando: We, the global community of the Parliament of the World's Religions, are with you.

We are - without qualification - with you. We grieve with you. We feel anger with you. We love you. Our prayers are with you.

To ourselves:
We must reclaim a global ethic.

At the closing of the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions, a foundational declaration was released entitled Declaration Toward a Global Ethic, a document that serves as a moral compass guiding the Parliament's work. It resolutely prohibits hate, discrimination, and murder on any basis as "irrevocable."

In the great ancient religious and ethical traditions of humankind we find the directive: You shall not kill! Or in positive terms: Have respect for life! Let us reflect anew on the consequences of this ancient directive: All people have a right to life, safety, and the free development of personality insofar as they do not injure the rights of others. No one has the right physically to torture, injure, much less kill, any other human being. And no people, no state, no race, no religion has the right to hate, to discriminate against, to "cleanse," to exile, much less to liquidate a "foreign" minority which is different in behavior or holds different beliefs.

- Declaration Toward A Global Ethic: Irrevocable Directives

In no uncertain terms, this "irrevocable directive" overrides any cultural, municipal or religious authorities' work to enshrine homophobia in laws, lives and hearts.

In its encompassing language, however, The Global Ethic omits any specific language directing the interfaith movement in its relationship to the LGBTQI community.

In 2016, we will address this issue. Moreover, we seek your support and acceptance as we take steps to redress our silence surrounding the injustice of homophobia.  


To the LGBTQI community around the world:
We are sorry.

There is ultra-violent homophobia existing in the world. Brutal, senseless murder speaks loudly. But when the tumult quiets, it is easy to go on treating what happened in Orlando as an isolated, aberrant example of homophobia.

The reality is that an immeasurable degree of homophobia consists of subtle actions and words that are so ingrained in society that they escape notice, accepted in our neighborhoods and protected by our laws, our institutions, and our religions.

We will not ignore the existence of the homophobia that you experience every day. As an interfaith organization, we apologize.

We are sorry for the slow-burning hate that smolders at the heart of our most venerated traditions.

We are sorry for our complicity in allowing homophobia to persist as an "acceptable" form of discrimination, even as we champion justice.


To America:
We must not let this divide us.

It is inexcusable to allow two marginalized minority groups to be pitted against one another. Let us together decry the opportunists in politics and religious extremist groups who have seized this tragedy as an opportunity to strengthen their positions of ill-gotten power.

Take notice and share in the efforts of the Muslim community as they rush to give blood, to provide aid, to denounce these crimes and the ideology behind them, both in Orlando and around the United States.

Listen to the members of the LGBTQI community who have used this unwelcome spotlight to speak against hate of all sorts, especially Islamophobia.

Remember that, no matter where you come from or what community you belong to, hate is hate.


To the religions of the world:
Self-examination is now required.

49 people were murdered and 53 more were wounded in Orlando, USA on Sunday morning (June 12, 2016). This warrants a close look at the way we practice the teachings of our faith traditions. The fact is this; whether subtle or explicit, people of faith - both at the individual and community level - have found ways to justify hate.

These seeds of hate are not "theoretical." They are factual, and they are ubiquitous. No faith community is exempt.  

You may not have held the gun that extinguished 49 lives from the earth on Sunday morning.

You may have never perpetrated an act of discrimination against someone.

You may even be an active ally.

But collectively, we have all allowed hate to permeate our faith traditions, and the price that we pay is a world where acts of evil frequently erupt.

When we, the peaceful majority, stay silent, we clear the ideologue's path to extremist violence. Our inaction has made us culpable.

But we are heartened by the outpouring of support from religious leaders and authorities who, in the wake of this mass murder, have committed to take action against the homophobia present in the world and within their own communities. New bonds of solidarity and love have been formed in the last two days; we must continue to build upon these relationships.


To the world:
Let us love one another.

The persecution against LGBTQI communities demands equal priority, attention, reformation, and action, whether homophobia arises in the form of one unstable individual with an assault rifle or the actions and words of a multitude.

Starting now, let us pledge, in each of our spheres of influence, to uphold the irrevocable directive of The Global Ethic.

And, please, love each other.

See Full Statement on Parliament Website

Monday, June 13, 2016

About Russia

Sharing from a newsletter, someone recently visited Russia and shared
these points about the place:

Pretty much everything was contrary to to typical Western
expectations, but contrasting in a positive way:

- The ship was relatively newly renovated, clean and well managed
- People are generally reserved and well behaved, very far from a
general Hollywood image of heavy drinking boisterous Russians. Downing
copious amounts of vodka and inevitably smashing the glasses against
the wall..)
- The quality of food was excellent. Not spectacular in a "haute
cuisine" way, but healthy home cooking with fresh and high quality
ingredients. Especially notable the aromatic taste of fresh
vegetables, salads, tomatoes and potatoes.
- Service was always attentive and friendly even though nobody
speaks more than a few words of English as a general rule.
- Cities are very clean compared to Western cities. People do not
drop rubbish everywhere. They don't seem to be munching something all
the time like you see in the West. If you inadvertently drop
something, people will discreetly alert you to pick it up. This s like
Switzerland must have been in the 60s.
- Supermarkets, even in smaller provincial cities, are full with
quality food including fresh produce of good taste and quality.
- What struck me is how well behaved and un-neurotic the children
are. Must be the healthy food and a much lower load of vaccinations
and sugar. There were lots of kids on the ship and they were busy
playing hide and seek and all kinds of games WITH EACH OTHER and not
getting on parents' nerves all the time or throwing tantrums like I
see it all the time with Western children. But also parents don't seem
to get on childrens' nerves that much.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Nonviolence royally screws materialism

At its core, non-violence is a tacit violation of the materialist paradigm.


An acceptance of supremacy of materialism leads to the 'might is right' concept : the parties that manage to acquire greatest material wealth and control over physical existence, get to decide things for others. Violence - direct or structural, is the way that supremacy is asserted and implemented.

So materialists do violence, or materialists accept violence. Violence is the way supremacy of the materialist paradigm is enforced. My ability to kill you at will confers upon me the power to control how you live and what you do (in my service) while you live.

Satyagraha or non-violent non-co-operation completely rejects this violence, and by doing so, it renders the key mechanism of the material paradigm obsolete. Suddenly, my ability to kill you at will no longer gives me the power to control you. If I threaten to kill or hurt you, you won't oblige. If I do kill or damage you, I'll no longer have you doing anything in my service, so I will have lost just the same. Either way, the materialistically powerful party no longer has any use of that materialistic power.

On the other hand, the nonviolent party in the long run gains massively in powers of perception. One defiance initiates a slow-moving chain reaction that ultimately destroys the power of the materialistically powerful entity. That's because all this time it was actually thriving off an illusion of power, needing the acquiescence of its victims. With that gone, it just collapses at some point.

Nonviolence royally screws materialism.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Second Green Enterpreneurs Meetup #Pune 4th June 2016

Greetings !
After our first successful Green Entrepreneurs Meetup we are back to get the momentum rolling yet again.. :)

Inviting green entrepreneurs (and those who want to start!) to Green Entrepreneurs Meetup- Second Chapter at The Real Green Cafe , Koregaon Park.

Here, you will meet others like yourself and exchange ideas, resources, strategies on what works and what doesn't.

  • This time we will be focussing on how to convert offerings to actions.
  • 10 min- Slot by Sharmila Oswal, Fouder of Green Energy Foundation. She will be talking about her journey as green entrepreneur and services of her foundation followed with relevant Q&A round.

Who is this for:

  • Individuals working for green economy or 
  • Social enterprise that honours the three P's: people, planet and profit or
  • Anybody looking to contribute to solutions for pressing issues around environmental problems.

What all was discussed at the last meetup? Click here to find out!

Bring along: a pen, a notebook, and a can-do attitude!

Seats available: 15

When: Saturday, 4th June 2016, 10.30am-12.30pm.

Location: The Real Green Cafe,
above Subway, Koregaon Park Lane-6 entrance

Please Whatsapp us on 8983584431 to RSVP! We can accomodate only limited seats.

Join the conversation on FB!

Warm Regards,
Nikhil, Aishwarya, Shivani

Real Green Cafe | Spirit-In Pune


If you are working for green solutions or have any green initiatives, kindly share your project details in link below-

We are making a city-based directory of green solutions to create wider platform for holistic living. This listing will help us to make your project reach community in more effective way.

Fwd: MoM for first Green Entrepreneurs Network meetup (14.5.16)

Dear Friends,

Greetings !

We heartily thank you all for giving your valuable time and great insights at the first  Green Entrepreneurs Meetup at The Real Green Cafe, Koregaon Park, on 14th May 2016.

Thanks to Nikhil for being 'the bad guy' and such a great compere helping all of us to stay on topic and within time. Thanks Aishwarya for providing "The Real Green Cafe" as a green conscious space for all of us to feel the energy. And a big thanks all the 20 friends who joined us. Thanks, Shivani for co-ordinating the whole thing and dreaming big! See some pics here.


This meetup was organized to bring people/agencies working on green concept or sustainable living to come together and share what they do, their challenges and their offering for solutions. And for people who are passionate about and looking for opportunities to work in this sector.

The gathering was organized around 4 rounds - Introduction (Name and what makes them come alive), Strategies (what has worked for them), Challenges, and finally Offerings to the group.


1. We also plan to share this on other networks and grow the tribe!

2. Attached with this email is a contacts list of all who came, so you can connect with each other. If you want us to also publish your contact details on other networks and public forums along with this MoM so that others can contact you, then please let us know.

3. Requesting you to kindly share about your work, initiative and agency in following link.
We are making a database to share in different platforms and in awareness campaigns.

4. We invite you to join us for the next Green Entrepreneurs Meetup on 4 June at the same venue, same time (Real Green Cafe, 10.30am-12.30pm). Please mark the date! We'll be sending the official invite soon! Click here for the invite!
If you would like to share some of your expertise or experience in a 10 minute slot at the next meetup, please write back and we can accommodate.

5. We're creating a mailing list for people based in or near Pune to join and network, specifically over green entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges. If you don't want to be added to this list, please let us know.

Inputs Shared

Below we have captured a gist of wonderful insights shared in each round. There are notes from the sessions, followed by transcripts of the post-it notes formed in the sharing rounds.

Notes from recordings:

1. Rajesh Gilwani shared farmers having issues in networking and not knowing which farmer doing what. He is helping farmers to connect with consumers.

2. Jyoti has a farm 2 hours from Pune built on permaculture concepts. She is offering her expertise to adopt permaculture and also gave open invitation to come to her farm (2 hrs north of Pune) and use the space for hosting such meetups, workshops, etc. She also offered "backward integration" consultation for farms, businesses.

3. Udit helps in making business and units understand their carbon footprints by scientific data and offer help required to adopt green solutions, using quantifiable parameters. He shared that there are now quite some businesses that want to differentiate and brand self as committed to be sustainably driven. He shared about eco-labels, certifications happening in this sector.

4. Manisha shared the struggle of fitting green conscious business into mainstream business. Strategies and ambition needs to have proper check for leading a conscious business for not getting sucked into mainstream business pressure. She is offering her expertise to help green business understand alternative economy and adopt strategies. She also wants to explore together a concept called "closed circle economy" where members can provide each other services and goods on exchange basis and mutually support each other.

Other ideas: discussion on business planning with sustainability in mind. Manisha later shared about a daylong event her organization is doing at MonaLisa Kalagram on 5th June (world environment day) and invited the group to come along join in and do something from their side as well.

5. Sharmila from Green Energy foundation shared her experience that Green Entrepreneur needs inner passion for sustainability,  it might take years for people to buy your concept or accept your product need. She had two offerings : her rainwater harvesting enterprise is looking for people to join as 'green associates' where they can make good money; they are profitable. Secondly, farmers who are looking for buyers, can tap into the existing chain she and her org (Jain Int'l trade org) have, to market their products at stores like Big Bazar, Bombay Store etc. She shared an idea for discussion : make one's initiative scalable and taking it to next level.

6. Reena invites all to share green practices and ideas to her society, Riviresa apts in Baner with 35  families; they are very excited about these alternative things. You can provide your green services there, use their space to set up pilots, etc. Also, she is offering her skills in Nonviolent Communication(NVC) to be an empathy buddy for us, space for compassionate listening, and help to bring NVC consciousness to our communication along with well-thought games for mental clearing or solution finding. Reena also suggested that multiple green entrepreneurs can come together and get together a composite product having all their services (like RWH, composting recycling etc) properly mapped out with data and figures, and this composite offering can be taken and presented to other networks like builders groups, and if we get the numbers right and prove that it's to their advantage, they will obviously take it.

7. Kavita and Sharmila offered assistance for doing rainwater harvesting (RWH) at one's premises. Kavita offered to help with all the procedures etc for applying to PMC and get 5% property tax rebate. And she can share material on RWH to start a conversation on it in one's society etc. For a fee, she or her colleagues can come to the society meeting and do presentation for the same.
Kavita can also share more about wastewater, greywater recycling. Sharmila offered to share more research, on Pune's viability for RWH and similar topics.
Kavita suggested we can work with local corporators and ward offices, including educating/sensitizing the bureaucracy, which then makes it faster to get things done.

8. Abhishek- working with a 200-acre land parcel near Talegaon MIDC, on an idea of "half the grid", making things sustainable and green friendly to a practically possible extent. It would be a for-profit project selling units to people. Basics like water, food, energy, etc would be covered. He invited people to come and do sustainability projects together there. Abhishek also suggested that green entrepreneurs could form a network/union similar to how there are builders unions, autorickshaw unions, etc.

9. Samadhi offering her skills to help farmers or farms adopt conscious farming and solutions. She is an active leader to connect farmers authentic organic produce under the brand Maha-organic. She can also guide in how to go about getting the right sources that are authentic.

10. Neha, Aishwarya and Aditi -explorers are offering help with promotional activity designing when it comes to helping green concept reach people.

11. Rohit from eco-ad Paper Bags shared wonderful example of involving community to spread word about green business by borrowing their help to convince peers on use of eco products. He talked about an exercise on getting on the roads and meeting random strangers and giving them paper bags to use, and how energizing this experience was for his friends who were new to the whole thing.

12. Sudha invited all to come and see her low-carbon home which runs with minimal ecological footprint; also offering to host a meetup there. On behalf of her friend, she offered services in low-impact hygiene management for women and babies (like reusable diapers). She also shared about an activity she does in Magarpatta city : she takes reusable cloth bags made from old t-shirts etc and gives it to shops and customers there as a way of outreach and awareness building. She offered her skills as a writer for developing communications material.

13. Nikhil offered his website design skills, and assistance in conducting webinars where entrepreneurs can explain about their offering, which gets automatically recorded and is published on youtube, so it becomes outreach material for your initiative.

14. Rohit/Shivani suggested we can invite local corporators / ward officers to such meetups

15. Neha shared her observation of whatever kids learn at school is quickly picked up by their grandparents day. She suggested organizing a grandparents day where this (sustainability related) information can be shared, and this way one can involve the senior citizens / pensioners demographic in their outreach efforts. Kavita added that it's assumed that pensioners are tired and old and all, but actually they're full of energy. Reena added that such involvement can become meaningful engagement for them and so very beneficial for them as well.

16. Aishwarya offered her cafe's space as a hub for networking for all green entrepreneurs. She also offered the space in the cafe and outside in the lobby as a place where green entrepreneurs can place their products, brochures etc.. for example we can beautify the lobby with indoor plants and other things and with that give people coming information on how they can get the same for their own home. The cafe is at a prime location in Koregaon Park and a lot of possible potential clients can come there so is a great place for outreach. Please contact Aishwarya on to take this forward, and let's bring in some of your products/brochures by the next meetup!

Ended meeting with a lot of good vegan drinks and munchies and many rounds of laughters.


.. of the post-it notes stuck on board during the three sharing rounds. Challenges can become opportunities, Strategies can become learnings and offerings are resources to lend/borrow help.

Strategies : What works, what can work:

A different way of doing business, colleagues not competitors
enable people to recycle, Campaign on sensitizing the human rights of people who take and process your waste
nonviolent communication: NVC, empathy for self + others, emotional wellbeing
Accessible info in mainstream
Engage crowds with alternative solutions
not dependent on donations
Action over lecture
Engaging bureaucracy, corporators
numbers, data, research
Appreciative enquiry, authenticity, wellbeing
Food alternatives
put in context, adapt, have staying power
Awesome success examples
Get a place where you can work together
scale down, slow down, simplify own life
Change vocabulary from scarcity perspective to managing resources better
Glamourising solutions, icons, X-factor
space to do
Collaboration, cooperation over competition
Green app, directory
taking a stand, advocacy
Community farming
kyun koi nahin le raha hai : analyse, strategize


Am I happier?
Finding good sources, materials, suppliers
Not possible from day 1 to be green
Commercial viability
Greenwashing : hard to discern genuinely green from fake
Paradoxes, contradictions
Consistency of supply, challenge of finding labor or Managers, co-ordinators
Have I gotten sucked into mainstream?
People are still not caring, not wanting to save the world, Lack of inner consciousness
Dependence on donations
How much am I sustainably living myself
Producers (like farmers) don't have access, aren't on internet, not having networking
Dependence on MNCs
Koi nahin le raha :(
Why mainstream Vs our stream?
Don't know others, networking challenges
Long way to go for consciousness about these issues to be raised in general population


Green Parenting, Hygiene and Reusable – Diapers, napkins etc.
Making your green business scalable.
Invite to Riversa Society, Baner
Building bridges from this network to other networks (like builders etc.
Business planning with sustainability in mind.
Low carbon home – invite
Composite offerings from this group to other groups like builders, contractors and local corporators etc.
Blogs, writing – part time help.
Rain water harvesting rebate 5%
Help in encouraging others, grandparents, grandchildren and pensioners.
Closed Circled Economy
Experience in organic supply certification sources.
Networking - Hosting space.
Exchange our services and goods.
Research in grey and rain water harvesting
Storytelling - Using data and other ideas to get into people's heads.
Half the grid – Practically sustainable – Abhishek
Differentiate from usual businesses, example: calc carbon/env footprint per employee
Psychology, language, vocabulary and selling the stories.
Webinars, outreach

Society/ Building level sustainability.
Eco labelling business websites.

Thanks, and we'll see you again soon!

Nikhil, Shivani, Aishwarya

PS: Attachment mentioned in the Announcements section is removed in this public version.. that was only for the people who attended.
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